Friends Set (#0.4, #0.5, #0.75)

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Your new best friend! Wild Country's Friend cam is the original spring loaded camming device and this latest generation is here to help you send your next trad objective!

Sizing and coloring matches with other brands such as Black Diamond and DMM, making it easier than ever to add a few new friends to your rack.
  • Hollow axles (Patent Pending) are stiffer for less weight
  • Wide, skimmed lobes grip better yet are kinder on the rock 
  • New 12mm Dyneema is agile and easily extended, saving time and the weight of having to use a quickdraw on each
Internals are based on classic Wild Country foundations: our legendary holding power and the consistency of overlap between units, whilst the twin axle has allowed us to increase the range per unit.   

Range per Unit:

#0.4 - 0.62" - 1.04"
#0.5 - 0.81" - 1.35"
0.75 - 1.01" - 1.69"